Hear what others are saying about Alfonso, The Baltimore Tutor:

“One of the best things about Alfonso’s tutoring is how much confidence it has given my son. Up until Alfonso started working with us, it was very hard to get my son to do any extra work to improve his skills. Alfonso has stopped all the fighting! My son has to write 6 writing prompts per week and he has been doing this with very little yelling from me. When it came to the recent state test, my son said that he was not worried at all because Alfonso had told him what he needed to do. After the test he said he could hear Alfonso’s voice in his head telling him to take his time and edit. I am very happy with the progress that my son has made and even happier about the improvement in our relationship. Thanks Alfonso!” – Lisa, parent

“My son loves working with Alfonso. He is super nice and so patient and he’s able to get my son to work, which is no easy feat.” – Tony, parent

“I can’t remember the last time anything exceeded my expectations. However, Alfonso clearly did. He was prepared, professional, personable, and effective.” – Mark, parent

“Alfonso has always conducted himself with the utmost professionalism, dedication, and dependability. He is able to bring students a wealth of experience, vibrant energy, fresh ideas, and information. He has demonstrated great expertise working with foreign students, honors students, and students with ESL issues. In addition, Alfonso had a cult-like following of students who refused to turn in their assignments unless he edited them first. It was a pleasure working with Alfonso because of his wonderful personality and friendly approach to everyone who walks in the door. He also demonstrated on a daily basis his academic ability and work ethic. Although this is an incredibly demanding and highly skilled position, Alfonso has exceeded expectation and always receives glowing reviews by his co-workers. I would highly recommend Alfonso for any teaching or tutoring position. His skills, professionalism and dedication are outstanding.” – Lauren, supervisor/colleague

“Alfonso is among the most creative, innovative, dedicated people I have hired and managed. He cares about the students he works with because he connects with them on personal and intellectual capacities. Alfonso’s attitude is always positive, optimistic, and bright. He’s quirky (in a GOOD way!) with an eclectic taste in just about everything – a testament to his willingness to explore.” – Mimi, supervisor