My name is Alfonso. I’m a progressive educator, published author, and adroit educator with nine years of successful experience teaching English at the collegiate, secondary, intermediate, and elementary levels, including: teaching various English and liberal arts classes at Monroe College; tutoring students in grammar and essay writing at the Monroe College Writing Center; working as a special education teacher with a focus in English in the competitive New York City Teaching Fellows program; and tutoring students of all grades and abilities.

While English is my specialty, I enjoy working with students with difficulties in other subjects, including: mathematics; social studies; and general research. Throughout the course of my educational career, I have been afforded many opportunities to teach a wide variety of subjects, always with the same sterling results. A bit of background in that respect: I’ve been a member of Brooklyn Tech’s Math Team; I was a mathematics major at Mark Twain Intermediate School for the Gifted and Talented; I’ve raised math scores as measured by standardized testing by as much as 50%; I’ve tutored math up to the SAT Math level; I’ve taught math, social studies, and science as a resource room teacher in the New York City Teaching Fellows program; I’ve tutored students for the Global and U.S. History Regents; I’ve worked in partnership with a social studies teacher at the East New York Family Academy; I was a social science major at Brooklyn Tech; and I’ve conducted in-depth research studies as a social science major at Brooklyn Tech, as a McNair Scholar at Beloit College, and while pursuing my MLS at Queens College.

My educational philosophy is that students learn best in a relaxed environment with a knowledgeable, creative, and amiable instructor. I tailor my lessons to the interests and inclinations of my students, while adhering to state standards and educational objectives. My goal is to obtain results, and oftentimes that requires getting more creative and fun than can be had in a regular classroom. My teaching philosophy is akin to that of Park, The Friends School, Montessori, and The Waldorf School.

I work well with all types of students, including those with disabilities (given my experience in the Teaching Fellows), gifted students (as a lifelong product of gifted schools, I understand the special needs of this population), and with English language learners and recent immigrants (a large percentage of my students).

I have a BA in English and Creative Writing from Beloit College (noted as a “College That Changes Lives” and ranked in the top ten in the U.S. in teaching by the U.S. News & World Report), an MLS from Queens College, and an M.Ed. in progress from Long Island University.